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Brent is the kind of player every coach wants on their team.  You can basically let him do what he needs to do and you don't really have to worry because he's always doing the right thing.  He was always self motivated and so coachable.  At 15, I knew he had all the tools needed to play division 1 baseball but more importantly I knew he approached the game the right way.  I knew he would be able to handle the ups and down in the high levels of the game because he was so mentally tough. From day 1, he was the starting shortstop at Evansville as a true Freshman... that does not happen often at the division 1 level.  He is from Sheboygan and came for a very late one on one tryout about 5 years ago.  Those are the ones in this industry where you just find yourself so thankful that they found you as I did not know who he was before he came.  He and his family certainly left an impression on me and I am proud to call Brent a former player of mine and so grateful our paths crossed.  To learn more about Brent, checkout our Q&A's with him below...


*What is your favorite baseball memory from your club/travel baseball experience?

"My favorite memory from playing travel ball are the nights in the hotel rooms after games when we all hang out together."


*What’s your favorite thing or aspect about college life?

"Being able to have the freedom to make the right decision yourself."


*What’s your least favorite thing or aspect about college life?

"Least favorite would be the days when you are walking back and forth across campus to go to class than baseball and then back to class."


*What’s one thing you wish you would have known going into college?

"I wish I would’ve known that there is nothing to be afraid of. I came in being scared about the new experiences, but you have an automatic group of friends, if you are playing baseball, you will catch on to the routine quickly."


*Who’s been your biggest influence on your life to this point?

"My biggest influence on my life so far has been my dad. As I get older, things he has taught me when I was younger are starting to click. I am starting to understand the lessons he has taught me and how they apply to life. 

*What advice would you give to younger baseball players who want to play at the collegiate level?

"Get 1% better every single day if that is mentally or physically within the game. You need to have specific goals and a plan of attack on how you are going to get there. Most of all enjoy the game, it is supposed to be fun. Play fearless because no matter what, you are going to fail, so you might as well attack it at 100%."


*What are you majoring in?

"I am working towards a business Finance major."


*How did playing club/travel baseball prepare you for college baseball?

"It prepared me for the grind of a college baseball schedule. With 4+ games on a weekend it gives you a glimpse of how it is in college. There are some long days on the baseball field."


*What is something people may not know about you?

"I am more of an introvert in person and an extrovert on the field."


*Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I see myself continuing to play baseball. Baseball is my passion and is part of my life and it will take a lot for me to give up on it." 

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