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Nate is one of the most talented players I've had the opportunity to coach.  At 6'7" he can do things not many others his size can.  His hands and feet defensively are smooth and he hits the ball to all fields with regularity with his smooth left handed swing.  In high school he attended Xavier High School in Appleton and committed to Milwaukee during his junior year.  He also excelled on the basketball court and was one of the leading rebounders in the state his senior year.  An outstanding student as well, Nate is a gifted person and I'm excited to see his progress this year and through his career in Milwaukee and hopefully professionally.  Read our Q&A below to learn more about Nate...


*What is your favorite baseball memory from your club/travel baseball experience? 

"My favorite travel ball memory was playing and beating the Florida Evoshield Prime team when we were 17 when we were down in Florida."


*What’s your favorite thing or aspect about college life?

"My favorite thing about college life is being on my own, and always being around my team developing those friendships."

*What’s your least favorite thing or aspect about college life?

"My least favorite thing about college life is the amount of free time that one has, some look at it as a good thing but some things can creep up on you."

*What’s one thing you wish you would have known going into college?

"I think the one thing I wish I would’ve know going into college would be to know that you are physically and mentally ready to compete at whatever level you are planning to play at."

*Who’s been your biggest influence on your life to this point?

"The person(s) that have been my biggest influence in my life right now are my grandpa, my dad, and my brother Matt.

*What advice would you give to younger baseball players who want to play at the collegiate level?

"Going back to the previous answer above, Get in the gym, work on your attitude through success and failure, and just continue to always work on your skills."

*What are you majoring in?

"I am currently majoring in Marketing."

*How did playing club/travel baseball prepare you for college baseball?

"I think travel ball prepared me for collegiate baseball by not only helping develop my skills but I think more importantly developed me into a young man and how to respond and learn from certain situations."

*What is something people may not know about you?

"I enjoy listening to all kinds of music and playing the guitar."


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"In 10 years, I hope to see myself still playing the game, whether that’s professionally or just for fun but if it’s not playing, I hope to be working at a marketing firm and hopefully own a couple of real estate properties."

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