Peak Time Rates March-September:


1 hour rental - $90.00

1.5 hour rental - $135.00

2 hour rental - $180.00

Non Peak Time Rates October, November December:  

*Turf is not available January & February*


1 hour rental - $80.00

1.5 hour rental - $120.00

2 hour rental - $160.00


Baseball and softball game rental rates - Game rentals are a 3 hour rate but the third hour rate will be at half price.  For example, a game rental will be a 3 hour rental and cost $225 in peak rate times and non peak times would be $200.00.  This allows an hour of pregame preparations before the game.  If lights are needed, an additional $25 will be added to the rental.  


*Renters who book more than 20 total hours or more will receive the non peak rates during peak rate times* (game rentals will count for 2 hours of rental time)

ABOUT THE TURF:  CBT’s synthetic turf project was installed in September 2021.  It features first class synthetic turf and is Northeast Wisconsin’s first public option turf field and is open for rental for most groups, schools and teams.  The field is designed for baseball and softball specifically, but, with the transition mounds we decided to have, the entire field is flat.  This allows all different sports to be played out there including football, soccer, la crosse, and more.  


How to schedule time?  Contact Rick at rwcavaiani@gmail.com or 920-540-6362


Payments can be made via check to ‘CBT’ or ‘Cavaiani Baseball’ and mailed to:


3634 Golden Hill Ct.

Appleton, WI 54913

Payments can also be made through Venmo @Rick-Cavaiani.


Twitter: @cbtwolfpack

**There is absolutely no sunflower seeds, gum or tobacco allowed in or around the field.  Violators will be subject to fine or their rental privileges revoked**