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At CBT, our goal is to help our players by getting them to step out of their comfort zones so they can realize their full potential. We know through our playing days and life experiences that things aren’t always going to go how we envision. To counter that, we have to develop skills that will help us withstand the challenges life throws at us and turn the negative things; into positive ones. 


We believe baseball is one of the best tools that a young man has at their disposal to learn those valuable lessons. The different scenarios with our teammates, competition with other teams and other challenges that baseball tends to create, helps them develop those tools as they enter adulthood. 


We have designed a culture to give the boys a sense of personal responsibility and ‘pro-active’ approach that will help them standout in a world where they are told to just ‘fit in’. We believe that we are meant to not just stand out in the world, but to be extraordinary. To do that, we have to have the courage and be willing to do things that others are not. 


We offer several ways to be involved with us. Whether it’s one-on-one lessons, off-season training, a baseball camp or our travel teams - our staff is committed to providing every player that comes through our doors that they will leave knowing they have gotten the best baseball training in the industry and can be assured it will translate to their success both on and off the field.


If you’re looking for a program that emphasizes the player off of the field as much as on it, CBT is the program for you. Our coaches genuinely care about young men; their futures in baseball and empowering them become leaders in their families, schools and communities. 

Yours in Baseball, 


Rick Cavaiani

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