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With over 19 years of experience in baseball training, and 30 years in baseball overall, my staff and I provide top level baseball training in pitching, hitting, and infield play. Our travel teams are designed to have top notch coaches at all levels to ensure high quality and competitive teams.  I have over 14 years of experience in travel baseball and have helped over 250 players continue their careers onto all levels of college and professional baseball since 2009.  My initial years were through the Wisconsin Panthers program that was quickly grown into one of the premier travel programs in the Midwest.  We won multiple tournaments all over the midwest in an 8 year span.  The Panthers helped spark a huge travel baseball surge in the state of Wisconsin.  We have seen the growth of travel programs and higher level baseball in Wisconsin that  was unprecedented at the time, and has continued on an upward trend each year.  At CBT, we are very honest with our approach and give all of our players everything we have to help them improve their games and get them to the level that they deserve. Our skill development and training is unparalleled in the industry and our player's are given every opportunity to improve their game and get showcased throughout the midwest and country.  We have had players from as far south as West Bend, to Steven's Point, and all the way up to Escanaba, MI.  We play in tournaments in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Florida.  If you want to improve your game and play college baseball, CBT is the program for you!

Yours in Baseball, 


Rick Cavaiani

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